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"Catching & Releasing" 

cre8ery Gallery and Studio

125 Adelaide St, 2nd Floor

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


July 19th-31st, 2018


“Catching & Releasing” is a collection of work that comes from a place of joy, hope and pain. As I experiment with new mediums trying to find my “voice” in this artistic realm, I find myself lost in memories; being absorbed by things that are no longer present. I surround my studio with music and images that remind me of happy times but often, I find myself Catching glimpses of people no longer here. Sensing the presence and emotions of people I love and miss dearly. I see my long since passed mother in the corner of my eye. But in the present, I hear my children laughing in the yard and I smell the fragrance of my husband lingering in the house. They ground me.

As I navigate the art world while learning and finding my artistic voice, I find catharsis from the pain as my thoughts are "Releasing" into visions on my canvases. It is an ongoing process and will forever be moments of “Catching & Releasing”. I will continue to explore new adventures and new techniques and will embrace learning as I evolve into the artist I strive to be.

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